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Ouhai plans to reshape the glories of optical industry in 10 years
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The top ten of the international sunglasses brands, seven of the ten are from the Oujiang area. Lately, The Recommended Press Conference of China (Ouhai) Glasses Town was held in Hangzhou. Ouhai glasses industry is going to exceed the output value of RMB 50 billion in the next five years , and Ten strive mightily to become one hundred billion industry ten years later .

Ouhai glasses had been glorious once upon a time. As one of the five largest glasses production base in China, Ouhai had created a record of one quarter by the full production capacity of nationwide, and has gathered more than five hundred glasses enterprises as well as about fifty thousands to sixty thousands of employees involving in the optical industry. Ouhai glasses industry achieved a contrarian growth in the year of 2016, regulation glasses enterprises had been maintaining more than 20 percent growth rate on sales output during three years, and the total output value was over ten billion RMB. However, Growth is difficult to mask the dilemma of processing for OEM. In view of this, Ouhai has begun planning the Glasses Town, and will make it as an important platform for the development of Ouhai glasses industry, to integrate all the high-quality resources related with eyewear together. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the construction of Glasses Town, the district government also recommended ten kinds of bonus policies, including of enhancing the bigger support on industrial research and development, design innovation, brand cultivation, and so on.

At present, the glasses town has completed the plan and preparation, those mainly consist of three major functional areas such as “Progressive manufacturing zone”, “Commerce, trade, literary & tourism” and “comprehensive service”. And it is also going to complete investment of 5 billion RMB within 3 years, focus on strengthening the industry support and accelerate industrial agglomeration. We have gathered 37 famous glasses enterprises in Wenzhou those are Wenzhou Zhongming glasses, Wenzhou Hengda optical etc. Two of high-tech enterprises, eight of the provincial science and technology enterprises, eight of municipal science and technology enterprises to create the industrial system of the characteristics of foreign trade export.