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30th China International Optics Fair held in Beijing with an innovation attitude
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The child who is attracted by the colorful kid’s glasses and doesn’t want to leave.(Photo/Zhao XI)

From the double progressive lens representing the current highest technology, the folding reading glasses of high precision technology, the bamboo elements frames adhering to China design concept, and the dinner-packed glasses cases that can meets needs in the different occasion. Then we can know the glasses industry is so creative and has its own “attitude” this year.

On September 6th, the 30th China International Optics Fair held in Beijing State Exhibition. Cui Yi, director of China Glasses Association, told to the reporters, the attitude interpreted as “style” ”quality” and “brand”. The exhibitors from around the country show their new products and new technologies with Chinese characteristic to China and worldwide markets. Most importantly, all enterprise of the eyewear supply-chain should enhance the sense of innovation, which is the base of the next step for the industry.

The shift from OEM for foreign brands towards becoming an attitude of building up the national brands, which is a big change during the past 30 years for Chinese glasses industry actually. Cui Yi said from this 30th China International Optics Fair, it wholly shows the development of the glasses industry in the past 30 years. Comparing to other industry, China glasses manufacturers have taken up 30%-70% in the world market at present. We can be proud to say that Chinese glasses industry has been from small to large, and will be stronger in the future.

The booth staff shows the lenses effects of the blue-ray and yellow-ray resistance. (Photo/Zhao XI)

In the view of Cui Yi, glasses is belonged to the typical livehood industry, also the high-tech products. Technological innovation is the starting point. The people’s livehood industry is to serve the market. Besides, the most striking feature at the fair is the innovation of style, quality and brand., also the new trend of glasses industry.

As Cui Yi says, the vitality development of our national glasses industry is increasing in 2017, which depends on the vigorous innovation of industry-wide. According to customs statistical for the first half year of 2017, export volume of China’s glasses (excluding instrument equipment) reached about USD2.734 billion, up14.6 % year on year; while the import volume reached USD595 million, with a year on year increase of 23.11%.

Bamboo frame eyeglasses of chinese trend. (Photo/Zhao XI)

Apply the diamond cutting techniques to the glasses frame. (Photo/Zhao XI)

Both on the design and quality innovation, Cui Yi thinks that China glasses industry is still in the development of strategic opportunities in the"13th Five-Year" period. They should implement new concept of development, to promote the supply structural reform as the main line, improve development of quality and benefit as the center, deepen implementation of the "three-quality policy" strategy, upgrade the industrial structure, speed up transformation of intelligent manufacturing, promote transformation and upgrading of retail and manufacturing, increase the intensity of brand building, promote integration of bilingual cultures, accelerate talent squad construction, strengthen cooperation in international exchanges, and improve sustainable development.

The glasses case is made in the shape of dinner pack..

 “The glasses are identified as jewelry to some extent those are curved shapes of artifact. Then many consumers who want to be of personality are valuing the decoration effect of glasses very serious.” said by one staff of exhibitor.

In addition to jewelry, many female consumers pay more attention to scarves, handbags and other accessories. And for male consumers, glasses and watches can reveal their personal tastes. Therefore, they are strict with glasses brand.

A consumer told reporters that his glasses are from Armani, and the lenses are selective carefully. As he said, "Luxury glasses are as popular as the luxury brand s shoes and bags. Thus in order to meet consumer demands, many glasses enterprises take “high-end” course.

Not only glasses, but glasses cases also become fashion accessories. The reporter found there are many styles of glasses cases, such as dinner- pack, waved-wood print cases and cartoon- cat cases at booths, which can be used for different clothing and at different occasions.